Bulgaria - Country Profile

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Country Outline

  • GDP: 50,430 mil. euros (Eurostat 2017)
  • GDP per Capita: 7,100 euros (Eurostat 2017)

Contact Information

  • Organisation: Embassy of Bulgaria
  • Name / Position: Mr. Panko Panov / Deputy Head of Mission
  • Phone no. / e-mail: (+82) 2-794-8625 / panko.panov@mfa.bg
47 universities operate in Bulgaria, fostering its scientific and technological know-how. The country has a strong tradition in mathematics, astronomy, physics, nuclear technology and science-oriented education, and has significant experience in medical and pharmaceutical research. The Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS), the leading scientific institution in the country, employs most of Bulgaria's researchers working in its numerous branches.

1. Policies and Strategies in Science, Technology and Innovation

The Bulgarian government approved a 10-year plan for funding three main areas of scientific development - Innovative potential sciences (biotechnology, healthcare technology, alternative energy sources, nanotechnology and communications); Sustainable development sciences (ecology) and scientific studies for the support of industry. It has planned an increase of scientific spending from 0.4 to 0.6% of GDP.

2. National Programmes and Initiatives

The National Development Programme of Bulgaria 2020 (NDP BG 2020) is the leading strategic and programming document detailing objectives of the development of science and technology policies of the country. Bulgaria is in the first half of the ranking of countries worldwide in following areas: Biology & Biochemistry, Chemistry, Earth Science, Physics, Material Science, Engineering Sciences, Botany & Zoology, Pharmacology & Toxicology

3. Joint Activities with Korea

  1. New trends in Cyber Security and Perspective for the Korea-Bulgarian Cooperation.
  2. Sensor system in KIST (Korea Institute of Science & Technology)
  3. Digital holography as a 3D-imaging and metrological tool.
  4. Biomedical Photonics and Perspective for the Korea-Bulgaria