EU R&I Commissioner to launch new ERA


Research commissioner Mariya Gabriel revealed her main priorities for revitalising the European Research Area (ERA) and establishing a single market for research in an interview with Science Business. Gabriel plans to advance the creation of a single market for research which was a goal set by the EU 20 years ago when the ERA was first envisioned.



The commissioner aims to publish her plan about the revitalisation of the ERA and EEA (European Education Area), as well as proposals for spreading excellence in research and innovation to poorer regions of the EU by September. She is also currently working on the final details of Horizon Europe.


ERA was launched in 2000 but failed to reach many of its set goals because they were framed as recommendations instead of mandatory rules. Therefore, future regulations on the project shall have a more legal character as opposed to pure recommendations. Moreover, Gabriel plans to put more weight on integration, aiming to close the research and innovation gap between richer EU member states and countries that joined after 2004.


The commissioner also stated that the EU needs to work more on translating research results into real innovative products and services. The member states shall help this objective by giving more R&D and structural funds, especially for projects under Horizon Europe. The Horizon Europe programme is still being negotiated but intended to launch in 2021 according to the plans.

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