Why You Should Consider France as Your Research Destination

    14/03/2019 - 02:00
    India, Webinar
    14/03/2019 - 03:00
    ABG & jobs.ac.uk

To help you explore a full range of opportunities that France offers to international researchers, jobs.ac.uk has teamed up with Association Bernard Gregory (ABG) to hold a FREE 60-minute live online event (webinar) called ‘Research Opportunities in France’. It takes place online, with YouTube Live, on the 14th of March at 2 pm (GMT).

By watching this webinar you will learn:

- What opportunities are there for PhDs (from finding a PhD onwards; in academia and industry) and which support you can get

- How to find these opportunities

- How to fund a PhD and/or postdoc

- What recruiters in academia and industry expect from PhDs in the recruitment process (application, interview,        skills, behaviour…)

- Why companies are recruiting international PhDs

- What makes France attractive for doctoral candidates and doctorate holders


Meet the panellists

Dr. Roxane Brachet, Project Manager at Genopole

Dr. Marc Chevalier, Scientific Career Management Specialist at Institut Pasteur

Dr. Joel Richard, Head of Technical and Pharmaceutical Operations at Medincell

Bérénice Kimpe, International Partnership Development Manager at ABG


If you have already precise questions for our panellists, please let us know by sending an e-mail to berenice.kimpe@abg.asso.fr . You can also find more information here. Send us an e-mail to get the link for registration! I want to register!