INNO INDIGO and INDIGO POLICY projects on enhancing EU-India Cooperation in STI (2013-2017)

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The INNO INDIGO and INDIGO POLICY projects ended in April 2017.

These two projects, which were launched in 2013, brought together a multi-level group of stakeholders from Europe and India in order to strengthen and further enhance the Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) collaboration between the EU and India.

INNO INDIGO, a horizontal ERA-Net with India was the successor project of New INDIGO (2009-2013), which successfully implemented schemes for EU-India transnational calls for proposals (New INDIGO Partnership Programme, NPP).

INDIGO POLICY was a project aimed at supporting the advancement of policy cooperation between India and Europe in research and innovation.

42 months of these two projects led to a bundle of achievements which are highlighted in the final publication “Enhancing Indo-European Cooperation in Science, Technology and Innovation” presented at the Final Showcasing Event “Breaking Grounds in Research and Innovation through Indo-European Partnerships” on 26 April 2017 in Ghent, Belgium.  

For the event agenda and presentations made at the event, click here.

For the final publication, click here.

The final press release of the Indigo projects which also includes a video documentation of the Final Showcasing Event is in the attachment.

Furthermore, INDIGO POLICY published 12 policy briefs and reports on a wide range of topics, such as innovation issues in EU-India STI-cooperation, qualitative outcomes assessment study, technology transfer between EU and India and frugal innovation. The collection includes a selection of seven publications and further visual materials published by the INDIGO projects.

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