15 PhD positions available for Medical Doctors in biomedical research


The “International PhD Programme for Medical Doctors”, EMERALD, trains and nurtures excellent physician-scientists. The programme recruits medical doctors to carry out a PhD in cutting-edge research in one of the eight recruiting European centres of excellence in life sciences and biomedicine. The recruited medical doctors will acquire unique scientific, technical, and digital skills and knowledgeto advance their careers at the frontier of medicine and research, with the final goal to improve patient care and tackle global health challenges.

Biomedical research is advancing at high speed. In the last decades, we have seen major developments resulting in a significantly better understanding of the biological processes causing disease and improved treatment and healthcare. However, translating results obtained in the lab to clinical practice is often a difficult process. It requires both knowledges of medicine and biology, and experience with academic research and clinical practice. Addressing the increased need for innovative solutions in medicine requires more than ever the rise of the unique professional profile of physician-scientists, combining research with clinical care, understanding patients’ needs and driving research forward to address them.

About the Positions

The fellows will enroll in the international PhD programme at the host institute, benefiting from competitive salaries, an international, stimulating and creative environment, advanced training, tailored career development and mentoring programmes, and access to high-end technologies and facilities. They will be supervised by the host Principal Investigator (PI), and co-supervised by a second PI. The choice of co-supervision will be driven by the fellow and the host PI.

They will also benefit from a joint international training and mentoring programme provided by EMERALD, with the opportunity to build valuable international networks with multiple actors in academia, hospitals, patients’ organizations and the private sector. The joint training and mentoring programme is a unique feature of EMERALD, entailing a common online training platform, dedicated summer schools on the latest technologies, and mentoring activities (peer-to-peer, and mentee-mentor). Training will focus on four complementary tracks: 1) excellent and cutting-edge biomedical research and technology; 2) open and responsible research; 3) innovation and knowledge transfer; and 4) professional empowerment.


Eligibility Criteria

  • Academic record: Candidates must have obtained a medical degree, which allows them to enrol in an official Doctoral programme in accordance with the national regulations and institutional requirements in force at each recruiting research centre.

  • Research experience: At the date of call deadline, candidates must be in the first four yearsof their research career (full-time equivalent research experience) and have not been awarded a PhD degree. For women candidates the 4-year period is extended of 18 months for each child born during this period. For men candidates the period is extended for the paternal leave taken in this period, according to the applicable national laws. The period is also extended for candidates who did military service, had long-term illness, or took care of a family member or officially registered partner for the period the care was provided.

  • Mobility: Candidates can be of any nationality but must undertake trans-national mobility according to the H2020 MSCA programme´s rules. During the 3 years before the date of the call deadline they must not have resided or carried out their main activity (work, studies, etc.) for more than 12 months in the country of the selected recruiting centre for which they apply for.

Guide for applicants

Application Deadline: 28 August 2022, 17h CET